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Well, this is a major goal that I get to cross off my To Do List!
I’ve procrastinated about writing a Travel Blog for a couple of years, and now, I’m finally here. My
hesitation included, I don’t have enough time, would the travel community be interested in the topics and all corners of the world have been written about, and what more could I possibly contribute. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks… I can share the same familiar destinations written about numerous times but through my eyes and experiences.

So, here’s my first blog and my single goal is that you will enjoy reading it and perhaps it triggers a desire to travel with me or on your own, either way, exploring our magnificent world can be life-changing and it will definitely create lasting memories!

I am passionate about travel. I love traveling, meeting new people, experiencing new cultures and food. Yes, I’m a foodie!

My most recent trip was to Cancun, Mexico. A destination I hadn’t visited in 20 years because I believed the young’uns had taken over after many news reports of Spring Breakers out of control, so I took it off my list.

Two decades later, I’m thinking…perhaps I overreacted. It’s still beautiful and I had an amazing time! It was a short 4-day, 3-night getaway, but the time was sufficient to relax, rejuvenate and reconnect…and isn’t that the whole idea?

I stayed on the resort the entire time, passing up all the touristy attractions I’d done before. It was just what I needed. Every morning I greeted the sun, meditated while listening to the crashing waves, and I was even inspired to do yoga on the beach.

I returned home re-energized and ready to resume my life. Traveling is a transformative and enriching experience and we definitely need breaks from our normal lives. Let me know if you’re ready to travel to Cancun or any other destination. I’ll create an amazing getaway for you!

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