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Hi, I'm Terry

So glad you’re here!  

Now, let’s get better acquainted and begin our journey of creating lasting memories together!  I’ll go first…

I’m the proud owner of Life Luxe Travel, LLC and I love LIFE, LUXURY, and TRAVEL (hint, hint, clue, clue)!  I am a retired corporate executive, who spent over 20 years building the businesses of others.  I transitioned into entrepreneurship after September 11, 2001, to focus on what was most important to me…my family.  Yes, I was working in my NYC office on that fateful day and survived the terrorist attack.  My life changed.  I began to despise the long hours, the commute, and the lack of personal & time freedom.  I wanted more!  After an intense experience like that, it shakes you up to the core.  I left my corporate job and over a period of several years, started small traditional businesses.  I had success, but I was still away from my family too much and never seemed to have enough time.

My ah-ha moment came on a rainy summer day;  I decided to turn my passion and love of travel into a home-based business.  As a travel professional, not only do I travel and earn money, I enjoy a flexible schedule while helping others travel the world and create life-long memories.    

I’m here to help you join the travel revolution and live your best life!  

Happy travels,


Creating Your Memorable Travel Experiences


Where Dreams Take Flight

What destinations have you daydreamed of visiting?  It’s likely that my clients and I have traveled there before and we can help you turn your dream into reality!


The Company

Life Luxe Travel is a woman-owned travel company that helps business professionals and groups travel smarter. 


It's Your Time and Your Turn

It’s your time to travel more, save more and experience more.  Let’s get started!

Helping You Create Unforgettable Memories

Fun Facts

My Roots…

Houston, Texas

Loving Life In…

Atlanta, Georgia


Married with 1 young adult

Favorite Travel Destinations…

Greece:  Mykonos & Santorini
Hawaii: Maui
South Africa: Johannesburg + Cape Town

Favorite Pastime

Traveling, Spas, Golf, Reading

Favorite Book

Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill

Travel Professional Certifications

Dream Maker

Vacation Builder

travel genius

Travel Genius


(770) 588-0388
Atlanta, GA

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