Scott Powell 911 Tribute

The Day It Happened

September 11, 2001, began like any other work day for Scott Powell as he headed to work at the Pentagon.  Little did he know it was the day that would end his life and change our lives forever.  On that fateful day, the United States faced an unprecedented tragedy that changed the course of history.  Our story is still painful – the story of my brother-in-law, Scott Powell, a man whose passion for music and zest for life left an indelible mark on those who knew and loved him.

A Man of Many Talents

Scott PowellScott, at the age of 35, was living his dream life.  He had two beautiful kids, and a good computer job at the Pentagon, but his true passion lay elsewhere, in music.  Scott was a talented composer and a multi-instrumentalist, skilled in playing more than a half-dozen instruments, from the piano to the drums.  His love for music was palpable, and he had a gift for creating beautiful melodies that touched the hearts of those who heard them.

Alongside his twin brother, Art, they embarked on an exciting journey to pursue their shared passion for music.  Together, they founded Dem Twinzz Productions, a production company dedicated to creating and producing music that resonated with people’s emotions.  Their dedication was unwavering, and the music became a source of inspiration and solace for many.

Inseparable Twins

Scott PowellScott and Art were not just brothers and twins, they were inseparable companions on their musical journey.  Their bond was unbreakable, and their creative synergy was a force to be reckoned with.  Whether they were composing new tunes in their studio or performing on stage, their harmonious partnership always shone through.  Their shared dream was to leave a lasting legacy through their music.

As the years have passed, Art continues making music and recently collaborated with his niece, my daughter, Victoria on a project.  Scott would be so proud.  The pain of losing him remains as sharp as ever.  Time may heal wounds, but some wounds run too deep to ever truly mend.  Whenever I see Art, I can’t help but briefly look for Scott. 

Scott’s Lullaby

Life has a way of weaving poignant memories into the fabric of our existence, even in the face of tragedy.  For me, one of the most cherished memories revolves around my daughter, Victoria, and her Uncle Scott.  She was just a toddler, barely three years old when struggled to explain why she would never see Uncle Scott again.  And, how the bad men had flown a plane into the building where he worked.  Amid the sorrow, there’s a beautiful memory that still brings solace to my heart—the memory of Uncle Scott’s magical lullabies.

Victoria was a spirited toddler, always eager to explore and resist naptime.  Like most children her age, she saw napping as a battle to be won.  But Scott had a special way with her.  He would gently coax her into laying down on the bed, promising that she didn’t have to sleep, just rest.  Then, he’d sit down next to her with his keyboard, ready to work his musical magic.

Scott’s extraordinary talent created the most melodic and enchanting tunes.  As he began to play, his fingers danced across the keys of his keyboard, conjuring melodies that were nothing short of magical.  Within minutes, the resistance would fade, and Victoria would succumb to the soothing power of Scott’s music.

It was as if the melodies were a portal to dreamland, carrying her gently into the realm of slumber.  The fussy protests would yield to peaceful sighs as she drifted into her daily nap.  Truly precious moments.

As the years have passed, my daughter may not remember those moments with Uncle Scott.  She may not remember the soft melodies that lulled her to sleep or the love that flowed between them.  But in our hearts, we carry the memory of those precious times, a testament to Scott’s beautiful soul.

A Heartwarming Legacy

Scott Powell’s legacy lives on not only through the music he created but also through the love and care he bestowed upon all of us.  His music was more than just melodies, they were a symbol of his kindness, his gentle spirit, and his ability to bring joy, happiness, and comfort.

We are blessed, for we get a glimpse of him through his son “Little” Scottie and daughter, Sydney…and now her daughter, Jade.

Life is a collection of moments, both joyful and sorrowful.  While we’ve had to go on living without Scott for 22 years now, we know how fortunate we were to have him, for just those short 35 years.  Even in the darkest of times, there is light, love, and the enduring power of memories to soothe our souls. 

We Go On

911 Pentagon FlagAs we remember Scott and the thousands of others taken from us on that fateful day, we hold onto these memories and the love that binds us together.  Scott’s love and music will always echo in our hearts, a timeless reminder of the beauty that exists even in the midst of tragedy.

While the pain of loss may never fully subside, we find solace in remembering the moments we shared with Scott and the music that will forever echo in our hearts.  Scott Powell’s life serves as a poignant reminder that even in the face of unspeakable tragedy, the human spirit can shine brightly, leaving a lasting imprint on the world.

As we commemorate the 22nd anniversary of the September 11th attacks, we remember and honor the life and memory of Scott Powell and all the victims who perished on that tragic day. 

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