Liquid IV

Hydration is fundamental to our well-being. Liquid IV is a hydration multiplier that has been making waves in recent years. It is not your average sports drink or electrolyte supplement. Travel and Jet Lag: Frequent travelers appreciate Liquid IV’s ability to combat dehydration during long flights, helping them feel more refreshed upon arrival.

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No Lost Luggage


It happens quite often; a passenger mistakenly grabs your luggage (bags look alike) and goes home with it. Not realizing it’s not theirs until it’s unpacked. And, if you don’t have a luggage tag on it, they won’t know who it belongs to. You’ll just have to wait until they get around to delivering it back to the airport. I travel with an Air Tag in every piece of luggage I own.

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Travel Passion

So, here’s my first blog and my single goal is that you will enjoy reading it and perhaps it triggers a desire to travel with me or on your own, either way, exploring our magnificent world can be life-changing and it will definitely create lasting memories!

I am passionate about travel. I love traveling, meeting new people, experiencing new cultures and food. Yes, I’m a foodie!

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